About Us

Welcome to Partners for Youth where we work to empower the community to support our most vulnerable and valuable youth in Lexington.  Our mission is “to promote positive youth development and to prevent juvenile delinquency through collaboration and capacity building.” We live out this mission in a variety of ways.

Whether it’s providing grant support through our Grassroots Allocation Program, distributing educational scholarships and empowerment through our Toyota Scholarship and Neighborhood  Youth Council Programs, or building community collaborations that bring together community partners to support youth in meaningful ways, we are dedicated to improving the lives of our young people.   It’s through these efforts and more that we build relationships and make a difference.

Briana Persley

Briana Persley became the Executive Director of Partners for Youth in November 2017.  She previously worked as a Crime Victims’ Advocate at the Fayette Commonwealth Attorney’s Office for just under 16 years and served as the office’s Experienced Based Career Education Site Coordinator (EBCE) for six years.  She became involved with Partners for Youth in 2003 and served on the board until October 2017. 

You can contact Briana, at (859) 280-8003 or at bpersley@lexingtonky.gov.

Angie Green Hampton

Angie Green Hampton

Angie joined Partners for Youth in January 2016 as the Community Partners Coordinator. She brings 30 years of dedicated service from LFUCG's Parks & Recreation. She compiles our “I DO” Program List, leads the West End Community Partners table, and is the liaison for our Metro C.A.T.S. program.

You can contact Angie, at (859) 280-8004 or at ahampton@lexingtonky.gov.

Kala Brown

Kala joined Partners for Youth as the Youth Program Coordinator in April 2021.

She grew up in Lexington and has a passion for serving her community. She believes that youth mentorship/empowerment is one (very important) way that we can help create positive change and foster a stronger community. Kala will lead the Cardinal Valley Community Partners table and also act as the advisor to our Neighborhood Youth Council.

You can reach Kala at (859) 280-8006 or at kbrown3@lexingtonky.gov.

Hannah Brosnan

Hannah joined Partners for Youth as the Program Specialist in November 2021. She comes from 2 years of civil service at the Family Care Center in Lexington. Hannah is passionate about fostering a strong sense of community with youth to promote resiliency and positive development. Hannah is the liaison for the Summer Youth Job Training Program, City Mentors, Gainesway Community Partners and the Partners for Youth/Euphrates International Investment Company Essay Writing Contest.

You can reach Hannah at (859) 280-8005 or at hbrosnan@lexingtonky.gov.

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